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Sheridan Gates is bringing a new sound to country pop. The New Jersey native moved to Nashville in 2016 and soon after, her song “Girl Like Me” won her a spot in the local Nashville finals of the 2017 Nash Next radio competition at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley . She spent 2018 touring around the US and released a self-titled EP in the Fall of 2018 which includes 5 tracks which all have Sheridan in the writing credits. In 2020, with touring coming to a halt, Sheridan spent time in the studio and has released 2 more singles, "Out of the Blue" and "Stronger Alone". 2021 will be filled with new music and getting back out on the road, beginning with "Limitless" which released on 1-1-21.

Sheridan has been singing since the day she learned to hum sitting in her high-chair. Music has been a pillar in her life ever since. She performed in and starred in musicals since the age of 7 which eventually led her to NYC where she began studying with the founder of Vocal Workout Singing School, Ilana Martin.

She spent two years living in New York City, but after going back and forth between Nashville and NYC working on her first record, it was clear that Nashville was to be Sheridan’s new home. “When I first passed through Nashville, I felt a true sense of clarity that this was where I was meant to be.” She has found her place, and that is evidenced by the emotion in her sound. Her sound is transcendent, and her range is phenomenal. Her writing is as much about her as it is about everyone listening. Her music will continue to evolve, but her passion, honesty and inspiration will always be at the heart of her music.

Sheridan is a country girl at heart with roots from the North. She is relatable. Falling in love, moving away from her family and jumping headfirst into the Music City life are at the core of her writing. She draws on the rock ‘n’ roll storytelling of Carrie Underwood, the soulfulness of Sara Bareilles, and the bold attitude of Shania Twain to create an entirely new sound.

As a songwriter, Sheridan not only writes for herself, but has penned songs for local artists Zach Stone, Shelby Miller & Jenny Teator to name a few.

Sheridan also teams up with blues artist Meg Williams & pop-rock artist Jenny Teator as an acoustic songwriter trio - bringing a piece of Nashville to listeners nation-wide through a unique song & story experience at house concerts, intimate listening rooms, studios, schools, guest-teaching, SoFar Sounds, Summer NAMM booths, and sold-out venues. They perform their own songs, adding 3-part harmonies, guitar solos and the stories behind the songs.

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