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Hop On My Twain

I was thinking about where music started for me, if there was a particular moment when I knew that music was going to be a part of me forever, and I can’t stop thinking about a day that lives so clearly in my mind. It was back in the 90s when my mom came home with Shania Twain’s CD, “Come on Over”. She started playing it around the house every single day (my dad and brother wanting to pull their hair out eventually) and soon enough, like any 5 year old would do (right?) I pulled out the CD booklet that had the lyrics printed in them and I slowly but surely started memorizing the words. For hours, I would dance around the house learning the songs to the point where I knew the timing between the tracks and exactly what song is coming on next.

Well, this one particular sunny day, mom was outside and I had the house to myself to dance around and as I gracefully hopped up on the couch and struck a final pose for “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”, my neighbor was standing at the front door looking in through the glass and applauding my performance. Initially, I felt embarrassed, but that quickly faded as I realized, ‘Hey! He applauded..I must have done something right!’ It was “from this moment on” (get it?) that I knew this is what I would pursue for the rest of my life.

Sure, I graduated college, moved to NYC for 2 years, but each stage of my life has led me here to Nashville where my 5 year old self is still dancing around inside of me working hard to show Shania that I am more than ready to “Come on Over”. #shania


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